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Norway Spring Water aims to provide pure natural Norwegain drinking water to the shipping industry, eco-friendly and cost efficient, leaving as small enviromental footprints as possible. Norway Spring Water has concession to tap up one billion liter of award-winning drinking water per year. Porsgrunn Vannverk sources its water from Lake Farris and Valleråsen and provides water in a sheltered and protected landscape. Our drinking water dates back to 1954.


  • According to the Maritime Labour convention, all shipowners are obliged to provide clean drinking water to the crew onboard their ships

  • With a merchant fleet of abt. 60,000 vessels an estimated 500 million of drinking water is consumed

  • ESG is high on the agenda for shipping companies with IMO 2020 (with the goal of reducing emissions) and the Hong Kong convention (ship recycling) being implemented. The world merchant fleet has to adapt to a “green policy” on board their vessels, leading to an increases demand for recyclable substitutes, e.g. water carton to replace plastic. 

  • In 2016, 32% of the 78m tons of plastic packaging was left to flow into our oceans, and if this continues as usual there willbemore plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050.

  • India is working on a plastic ban on board vessels (Indian flagged and foreign) in Indian territorial waters,  while Kuwait have already posed a similar ban.  Other countries are expected to follow.







Norway Spring Water As is working with Tetra Pak, Sweden to install a water carton line in Brevik, Norway with an annual capacity of abt 20 million cartons annually.  

The line will be operational 3rd qtr 2020.















 The Water source


Norway Spring Water has obtained a license from Porsgrunn municipality to tap 35ltr/s, about 1bn liters of pure Norwegian mineral water annually.

Porsgrunn sources its water from Valleråsen waterworks, which is supplied with water from Lake Farris and Mjøvann. 

The water will be filtered, without losing key nutrients, prior to the bottling process to ensure the highest quality drinking water.

Laboratory reports shows that the Telemark basin ranks among the best drinking water in Europe. The water is also award-winning, being named the best drinking water in Norway. It contains a high pH value of about 7.9.











 The Bottling Plant & Port

Located in Telemark, on the coast two hours south of Oslo, Norway, the plant will be built next to an ISPS approved port, making export readily available. The port has regular connection to main shipping ports in Northern Europe and can also be carried out in containers as backhaul cargoes to Far East. 



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